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No organisation helps more people gain valuable IT, secretarial, typing, shorthand and business skills in the UK than Pitman Training Centres - and here at our London Pitman Training Centres at City of London and Oxford Circus, we can guarantee that no organisation does it better.  And we have the awards to prove it! 

Whether you want training for yourself or are resourcing on behalf of your company you will find a large portfolio of courses all ready to go, best-practise methodology, great course materials and a truly people-focussed culture to make sure it is just right for your needs. 

And for busy people…well, it couldn't be more flexible. There is a choice of self-managed learning, tutor-led options at our venues or on-site and many online options available at your desk, home or our training centre. Full-time or part-time, the choice is yours and courses start daily.   


We are delighted to announce that one of our students, Ruth McCance has been crowned Student of the Year in Pitman's Super Achievers Awards 2015!


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Social Media for Business courses...

We all use social media to keep in touch with family and friends but how can, or should, we be using it to enhance our business?

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How will I study?

Whether you are investing in your own training or it is being organised by your company, it is important that the learning method and style fits the need. At Pitman Training Centres we have a good choice of methods and styles to fit around your lifestyle or working life, so you are spoilt for choice. Important things to consider are:

  • WHEN: Full-time or part-time? 

  • WHAT: Beginner, intermediate or expert level? 

  • WHERE: At the training centre, your office or at home? 

  • HOW: Self-paced flexible, tutor-led class, online, one-2-one coaching or a mix? 

Self-paced Flexible Learning

Flexible training means the course can start at any time - so tomorrow if there is a place free! You set your own hours and work at your own pace in our relaxed, quietly focused atmosphere, supported by experienced Training Advisers. There is a guideline number of hours for each course which can be programmed over a few days, weeks or months. You progress at your chosen pace dependent on your aims - you can do it full-time and fast or pace yourself part-time around work or personal commitments. You progress through your workbook, one module at a time, at your own pace. You are in control - you can go back and recap or skip through a feature you already know - the choice is yours. Our training centres are open all day Monday to Friday as well as some evenings and Saturday. 

Distance Learning 

We realise that online learning makes it easier for you to pick up and put down your course at a time to suit you. Pitman Training Distance learning enables you to do just that...

Distance learning has become more and more popular in the UK, as people are keen to progress their careers and try to fit training into their busy lives. Pitman Training Distance Learning gives you the flexibility to study online at home or from the office, with the full support of our centre teams. This way it’s even easier for you to pick up and put down your course, and fit it into your life.

We appreciate that it isn’t always easy to get to one of our training centres, but we don’t want that to stop you from learning new skills! With our distance learning courses you get the best of both worlds.

Unlike any other online or distance learning training provider, Pitman Training has a national network of local course advisors, who will support you throughout your learning. You can get in touch with an advisor by telephone, via email or pop into your nearest centre for advice and guidance throughout your development. 
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Tutor Led 

If you prefer the classroom style, we have a schedule of open seminar dates on a range of IT software applications, keyboard, shorthand and business skills - see schedule dates. These courses are held at our well-equipped Pitman Training Centre in London EC2. Alternatively we can run any of our courses just for your company ‘off-the-shelf’ or tailored to suit your group – on-site, at a venue near you or in our training rooms. They are generally one or two day courses, but many can be tailored to run as half-day sessions for corporate groups. 

The material is always first-class and our tutors are highly skilled at giving you a fantastic learning experience. Up-to-date adult learning methods and an interactive style means your interest is captured throughout each session and you leave determined to try out your skills.  Click here to find out more.

Online Training 

Sometimes the ability to train directly from home or the workspace is the key. So may prefer to choose our online courses in IT and keyboard skill. We provide a start-up session at the training centre of your office for companies and then you can access them through dial up and Broadband connections on any computer for your ease and convenience. While these provide the perfect cost-effective training environment, they are best suited to those already comfortable with IT and working online. 

Blended Learning 

Companies particularly often need a mix of learning. With groups who are at different skills levels, work at different locations and have different working hours you often need a mix of all of the above to make it work. Our team can help you tailor the programme to match your training aims and financial needs. This can include on-site workshops, help lines, floor-walking support during software transition, one-2-one coaching/teaching for senior staff, support materials and quickstart guides. 




Training for Privately Funded Individuals

  • Frustrated in your role?

  • Think you could be doing more?

You may know it but your CV could be telling a different story.

Employers love Pitman Training so the best way to demonstrate your potential is to prove you have the skills to make a contribution - a Pitman Certificate or career Diploma is a great way to start. First you'll find you get through the door, next you'll be more confident at your interviews for temporary or permanent work and then the job offers are just around the corner.

Learning new skills is easy with Pitman Training. Courses start daily and our tried and trusted methods are the best available and designed for speedy results. You work at your own pace at a well-equipped work-station, guided by experienced Training Advisers who support you every step of the way. It's relaxed, but quietly focussed. And you can choose full-time or part-time - day, evening or Saturday.

Or of course you could choose our online options, for instance in keyboard skills - once we get you started up in the training centre you can work online wherever you choose. You prefer to be in a class? You can select from our tutor-led options in fast-track keyboard skills, shorthand or IT.

Being affiliated to Love & Tate, our recruitment consultancy is great too if you need a job to go with your new skills. Just ask and we'll put you in touch for temporary assignments or permanent careers.


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Training for Corporate Organisations

Give your people an enjoyable, practical learning experience. They will return to work eager, enthused, highly motivated and ready to rock. As well as improving immediate performance, investment in training aids both recruitment and retention. That's the formula for high performance and higher profits - in fact the perfect and only business case for training.

Whether you want one training course or the whole gamut from training needs analysis, through design, organisation, delivery and post-course assessment of results, we'll take care of it. And we can blend self-paced learning, online and tutor-led sessions so it's flexible, fast and effective.

Contact us anytime you need to:

  • Organise and deliver your annual training plan

  • Design personal development that motivates your team

  • Refresh or update existing team IT, keyboard or shorthand skills

  • Improve multi-tasking capability or production turnaround times

  • Organise software migration - Ms Office 2013 springs to mind!

  • Address individual skills gaps or general skills shortage

  • Provide outplacement or career transition support

Browse around the website and see just what we can do for you - or if life is too short, just pick up the phone or drop us an email and we'll call you right back.

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